Delivering Happiness
By enabling behavior change using mentoring, corporate short movies, serious games and IoT devices.

Who are we?

90% of us would agree that there is a huge gap between strategy and execution in our teams. It is due to our inability to drive high performance systematically. High performance is the crucial link to  success and happiness. Though organizations spend a lot of time and money to upskill people, the gap persists. Tiny Magiq has created an innovative framework HiPoHa [High PerfOrmance Happily Achieved] to tackle this critical problem. HiPoHa helps you reach your high performance goals and make high performance a habit. Tiny Magiq has helped some of the world’s leading organizations bridge this gap effectively using this framework. Our framework draws inspiration from the state of the art research and knowledge in areas of Innovation, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioural Science, Neuroscience, Happiness, Habit Formation etc. HiPoHa eliminates the stress and anxiety that typically accompanies High Performance.

Why us?

We at Tiny Magiq are passionate about helping people improve their performance. We have distilled our experience, working on large scale transformative change in some of the world’s leading organizations, into a framework we affectionately call HiPoHa – High PerfOrmance Happily Achieved. We have created our own innovative software to track the high performance programs we undertake. We are also in the process of developing IOT devices to enable high performance. How can we help in your high performance journey?

What do we offer ?


We believe that Stories are one of the best vehicles to effect large scale behavior change. We shoot the Stories into high-impact short films to enable behavior change. Our team is led by R.S. Prasanna of Eklavya Productions, who is an award winning Bollywood filmmaker with several successful feature films to his credit. We also teach a Corporate Storytelling framework in an interactive workshop format. The framework is derived from techniques that Hollywood/Bollywood filmmakers use. Using the framework we can convert the typical facts/stats laden corporate presentations into engaging stories.

High Performance Enablement

Our high performance programs are designed for specific business scenarios – enhance sales/account development team performance, increase customer empathy, enhance collaboration across teams, getting employees to innovate etc. The programs run for 4-12 months depending on the complexity of the behavior the customer envisions. The participants spend approximately 3 hours a month on the program. 


When people with just technical expertise are given roles that require technical leadership, they are faced with a lot of challenges. We address these through specially designed programs for technology companies and help technical expertise transition to technical leadership.